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The beginning of something

I kiss you deeply, tasting my own cum on your tongue, lips, breath. I lift you up to turn you over and spread you face down on the bed. Arms and legs splayed I begin running my hands up the backs of your calves, thighs, ass. My hands are strong and hold you firm in place, massaging your ass as I part your cheeks to open your sex wide. You arch your back slightly, pushing your ass further up into the air. It moves on it own, searching for my touch. Your ass is perfect and curvy and delicious. I plunge between your open legs and draw a long, slow line from your clit to your asshole. You gasp at the suddeness of it, but you arch back even further waiting for the follow up. I dip again and lick and suck your hard clit. It's hard and engorged and your sex is wet with your yearning. Sucking my cock and swallowing my load of cum has made you wet beyond belief. I continue to suck and lick your clit, running my tongue between your lips...tracing a perfect line to your tight little asshole. When I touch your ass hole with my tongue you tighten ever so slightly, not sure if this is where you want to go or not. I cup your ass cheeks firmly in each hand and press you harder into the mattress. I trace light little circles around your sweet hole, everyone softening your resistance. After a few minutes you are groaning with pleasure and need for me to take your farther down this path. Your once tight little ass hole now relaxes under the pressure of my oral attentions... as I probe deeper and deeper with that exquisitely warm muscle that is my tongue.




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